Dear quests. Welcome to Samara!
We prepared for you a guide about Soviet period of our city and worth-see sights of nowadays.
Have a nice walk!
We will tell you about the largest square in Russia and its history. As well as about the construction of the theater.
We will talk about the monument to the hero of the civil war, the secret facility and its construction
During the Soviet period, universities also developed in Samara. we will talk about the so-called student town.

The square of Glory
Let's talk about one of the main monuments of Samara, which is visible from the Volga river
The Palace of Sports and The Circus
We will tell you about the Samara circus and the sports palace: places where unique bright celebrities of the USSR performed
Koltsevaya station
We will introduce you to another attraction of the Soviet period-the registry office
Library station
Here we will talk about the main book depository of our region and Soviet architecture.
A monument to the Soyuz rocket has been erected in Samara, on the same one Yuri Gagarin made his flight. let's talk about this monument in detail.
The Embankment
One of the attraction of Samara is the embankment. it is worth a walk along it with pleasure, and in the meantime we will tell you its history.
The last station of the audio guide, where we will talk about the monument and the most beautiful temple of Samara.
The audio guide and platform were created with the support of the Administration of the Samara urban district. Department of Economic Development, Investment and Trade of the Samara City District Administration.